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Yet another update.




As is always the case with solo development and grand ideas, I have been spending a good amount of time trying to collect a library of images based on my previous research. And to think the thread that lead to this whole research and development path was based on Google Material Icons not playing nice with my progressive web application. I also need to look at some social media research results and decide where I am going to go with it.


A few issues or possible issues started to show through in my original site design. The primary items of concern were: full support of the structured data model, implementation of the JSON-LD specific rich snippets data and some concerns over the limitations of the Google material icons when factoring in progressive web application support.

Digging further in to these items brought to my attention other features, such as, social media share functionality, posdible use of content delivery networks, and a slew of other items.

Ultimately, I decided it best to restructure the HTML to full support HTML 5's stricter standards. This meant going back to the template drawing board, as dicumented in a previous post.

The final features and testing rounds are started and I hope to roll them over to live after cleaning up the data and miscellaneous  resources. 


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