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The SEO Guy Domain Purchased!




Registered a new domain that points to this site. the-seo-guy.com was available so I purchased it through 1and1.com. I was actually surprised it was available and couldn't help but snag it for $9.99 a year.


After seeing that SEO Bryan was showing up in search results on Google Search, I started doing a little domain name browsing and came across a gem. www.the-seo-guy.com was available for $9.99 through www.1and1.com. I looked for a couple of other ones, but decided I would just experiement with this one for now. I want see what affect a secondary domain name with keywords can do for a ranking in a particular keyword phrase. To start with, I have just pointed the domain to the primary site and not submitted or done any other type of updates. The secondary domain doesn't have a SSL certificate either. I will give it a month or so, and see what happens, after that I will try either using the domain as a sub section redirect or look into other ways of maximizing the ranking factor of multiple domain names for one domain. Regardless, I think I scored a good domain name that might have a use in the future.


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Bryan Myers - "The Web Guy"

Advanced Digital Channel Engineer


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