Bryan Myers

The Web Guy
"Bryan is highly motivated and he is a dedicated team player. His high-quality work is unique and always fresh. He is able to come up with solutions to visual challenges that are elegant, cutting edge, and always technologically contemporary and relevant. Plus, he is a great guy. Keep up the good work Bryan!" - Anonymous
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Bryan Myers - "The Web Guy"

Advanced Digital Channel Engineer

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Bryan Myers is a Senior Front-end Web Designer, Web Developer, SEO Specialist and Web Expert. Known as The Web Guy, he spends his time mastering HTML, PHP, JavaScript, mySQL, SEO and web related technologies.


Bryan started programming at 8 years of age on a Tandy Color Computer II. Diving headlong into a discarded Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) book he developed his first program. A text based adventure that utilized matrices and shown a light on the path to a career in information technology.

Starting at the end of his high school career, he could be found glued to a computer screen. Photoshop and HTML laid the foundation for an artistic canvas where anything was possible. Computer games like Quake and Unreal brought about a further interest in understanding how computer hardware, software programs, network systems and mass communication worked together to form the internet.

While attending college, Bryan, was at the top of his class. In his second year, he was asked to teach and assist in the classes required for his management information systems degree. As an early knowledge expert, and still to this day, he likes to share his experience and knowledge with anyone willing to learn. This would playout later in his professional career, teaching at the college level and traveling to conduct technology learning conferences.

As the year stretched toward 2000, the fear of a computer catastrophe would make Bryan a prime candidate for COBOL head hunters. Many of the opportunities that were presented didn't appeal to him in the long term. That all changed when he was interviewed and offered a career position at an information technology company. The professional path had opened up and Bryan took to it with an unrelenting fervor.

Over the years he has learned everything he could relating to computers and the internet. He has sharpened his skills, refined his process and improved his workflow. From support technician to server administrator, graphic designer to web project manager; it matters not what the need is, Bryan has continued to deliver!

"The Web Guy", as he is often referred to, has continued his pushing his skillset while working a vast range of companies to advance their digital presence and maximize their bottom-line. He still can be found, eyes ever fixed on a computer screen; consuming knowledge, information and gaining experience.

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