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Website Improvements and Notes




Work has progressed over to the visual side of the spectrum. This post marks the release of the first pass at visual design and hopefully will reveal functionality opportunities for improvement. Here goes nothing!



Still hammering out the details of how i think this site should look. Being a "form follows function" person, I am bound to tweak the look around the functionality. The final visual appearance will also have to pass Google DevTools and ADA Compliance. Might have to get some graphic designer opinions in the polish stage.


Hierarchical schema should be pretty soild for the article listing layout. Or, at very least, easily converted to the full article detail page layout. Google audits keep bouncing around 100's along with the page load speed as I continue to tweak the asynchronous loading features. It will be interesting to finish up standard web features and try to outfit the PWA version.

Known Issues

  • CSS formatting
  • Z-index
  • Article primary images
  • AMP features are not started
  • Administration tools are lagging behind
  • Haven't started browser testing


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Bryan Myers - "The Web Guy"

Advanced Digital Channel Engineer


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