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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward




During the process of expanding the development site to include more structured data types I found a few things that need tweaks and other items that need a total reworking. I am in hopes that after doing a final round of testing and validation that this will be the model that I use going forward. Here is what I did.


  • Corrected basic open graph structure
  • Addressed issues with Facebook open graph article object references.
  • Removed the structured data for the "WebSite" object.
  • Cleaned up duplicate open graph meta elements
  • Updated PHP and MySQL filtering issues.
  • Reduced number of DOM elements.
  • Added additional structured data for "https://schema.org/WebSite".
  • Rewrote entire PHP code structure to better handle exceptions.
  • Normalized meta and open graph descriptions.
  • Cleaned up and reduced CSS.
  • Started development of comment system include structured data markup.

If the pages can pass the validation and testing gauntlet... I should be able to implement these changes across the board and get caught back up to where I was.


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Bryan Myers - "The Web Guy"

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