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Hard Refresh Becomes Soft Refresh




My plan didn't come all together yesterday or today. I wasn't really able to knock items off my list. I did, however, manage to make some serious progress on images. During the process I also learned some new things ways to improve my web design and graphic design workflows.


The day started out well. I got up early, got a monster and hooked up the laptop outside. It all went down hill from there.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud needed to update every program I have installed and itself before I could do anything.
  • Thanks to Icon Finder and Icon Share I was able to add some much needed, and requested, color to the site.
  • The TinyPNG Photoshop Plugin worked like a champ. But this was only after I figured out that upgrading Photoshop versions required an uninstall and reinstall of the plugin. I highly recommend this Photoshop Plugin to anyone producing web images. It has a small foot print and passed my image compression tests with Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Chrome Audits.
  • I finally cracked open Adobe Illustrator to do some customization and modifications to various SVG files. It's not as bad as I remembered it being. Though, the tour came up the first three times I opened it.
  • A good find, I think, was a PNGtoSVG.com. I used the site to produce a few simple PNGs to SVGs when I ran out of places to look for a native SVG file.
  • Most of the day was taken up by finding and then producing all of the rasterized images of the new article icons. Luckly, I have been running using a lot more actions in this project and the bulk of the work was automated. The TinyPNG dialog was fully tracked, but Photoshop's import of SVG sizing was not. You win some, you lose some.
  • A couple of development articles made their way into the system when I needed a break. So, there is some more test content out there and I was able to debug the article managers category issue.
  • The new article pages, including: article, topic, category, section and full listing; passed all tests. A benefit from this round of testing was I was able to find a few more place to make some tweaks to the code and fill in some blanks that I hadn't previously seen.
  • Really hoping to get the AMP pages knocked out soon, so I can jump on to the other smaller parts of the site. Everything should start falling in to place faster as I have completed most of the bulk of the work with the articles section.


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