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Pagination is a common feature in any listing page. With the amount of development articles I have been posting, I quickly realized, I was going to need to address paging. But I didn't want to just accept the standard implementation.


The analyst in me couldn't just throw a standard paging system on this site for several reasons.

The first reason was that I didn't want to hit the MySQL database just to get a record count. This website is about speed first.

Another major factor was the uselessness of a numbered paging system to begin with. Whi ever preforms a search or looks at a list and says "I am going to the nth page."? Sure, if you are paging alphabetically, I can see that. But in a chronological or relevancy recordset, it doesn't make sense.

A few ideas came to mind and I ran them by a fellow programmer.

One idea was to keep a record count column that updated the active count when any insert, update or delete was made. This removed the need for an additional trip to the server, but meant a full column update when changes were made.

Another idea was to create a variable table that only contained the active row count. An improvement over the active row count column in every record. But that would still be a round trip to the database.

The final idea was to do a page plus one approach. By grabbing a page worth of records, I cold fill the display requirement. By pulling an additional record I would know there was an additional page worth of records.

After a few minor tweaks, the new article navigation is in place. It works and flows well with the rest of the site.

Another item off the development list.


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