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Website Updates Planned December 2018




Quick update for the website on what has been completed and the new list of items I hope to implement this year. Progress has been a little slow as I have been doing more research and tweaks lately.


The Web Guy Website Updates

Here is a list of planned for the rest of the month.

  • Review process for adding web page during new article process - on going
  • Session tracking for logged in user across the entire site.
  • Add basic commenting functionality
  • Complete outline for writing style guide. - started
  • Review previous profile manager prototype and rework to new jQuery / JSON implementation.
  • Continue research on click through equity - started
  • Update previous black and white versions of svg logos with colored versions.

Back Burnered

  • Research dynamic image optimization features for upload images.

Completed Items

  • Review dynamic XML sitemap for complete listing of pages - looks okay O.o
  • Review dynamic XML sitemap for "trickle up" last modified date - completed for articles
  • Add bubble up published and modified date for pinned only articles to article manager - completed
  • Add bubble up published and modified date to article manager - completed
  • Update all listing pages with most current article date. - completed
  • Update titles to keyword phrase "the web guy". - completed
  • Removal of Google+ sharing links - Google has decided to finally sunset Google+. - completed
  • Removal of Pinterest sharing links - Just seems silly for the content. - completed
  • Correct issue with breadcrumbs on AMP articles. - completed
  • Correct issue with canonical links - completed
  • Add Agilent to organizations - completed
  • Updated personal community profile - completed
  • the-web-guy.net domain purchased through 1&1 (www.1and1.com).
  • the-web-guy.net domain configured with an SSL certificate through 1&1.
  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics.
  • Implementation of Google Analytics for AMP pages.
  • Creation of testing page for "SEO Bryan" and "Bryan SEO".
  • Removal of AMP specific XML sitemap.
  • Addition of related articles to article detail pages.
  • Fixed issue with placing articles in correct article section, category and topic.
  • Added new page functionality to article manager.
  • Article image selector feature has been added.
  • Corrected issue with wrong field being used to display current webpage name in breadcrumbs.

With the holiday season mixed in I am trying to keep my expectations low. :D


Profile Picture of Bryan Myers - The Web Guy

Bryan Myers - "The Web Guy"

Advanced Digital Channel Engineer


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