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Version 2.0




Another late night, or is it early? Either way, I think I am mere moments away from pushing 'the button'. The new version of the site is ready to be consumed, hopefully, by the internet.


This marks the first "sticky" post for the website and a milestone that has been in the works for a while. The last items on the list are to create the AMP (accelerated mobile page) for the home page, publish out the web page redirects for the old site, and release the new XML sitemap to Google and Bing.

With the completion of this phase of development, I should be able to put more time in to content creation tools and cleaning up some of the left over mess. Analytical data should pick up soon, allowing me to analyze the effect the changes, additions and updates have on listings.

As I make the last few key strokes, click the mouse button a last few times, I long for the company of my best friend and wife. She has supported me in my endeavour.

I am on my way. <3


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Bryan Myers - "The Web Guy"

Advanced Digital Channel Engineer


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