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Testing out the ability to post NEW articles




Finally got back around to working on the site after two months off. The gap in updates was partly due to a major crunch deadline at work where a 'simple' reskinning of a website turned in to much more than that. Additionally, I paused development to see how well Google would index the site. Well... it's all good.


The last major addition I was working on for the website (https://www.bryan-myers.com) was fleshing out the content managment system (CMS). After completing a JavaScript based dyanmic linked set of dropdown form elements using JavaScript classes and objects, I hung up the home developer hat to let the site settle within the Google Search index. From time to time, I jumped on Google Search Engine Console just to see how the indexing was going. I was glad to see today that the old site has finally made it out of the index without having to do anything other than wait. It is worth noting that the unattended removal process took almost two months.

There were some other items of note during the analysis period. The AMP pages, while submitted via a separate dynamic XML sitemap, still have not been fully indexed. I will have to make time to see if I can spot why certain AMP pages where indexed and others were not. No errors are given, so it must be something else in the AMP page indexing system.

Another item of note was found in doing a couple of random searches. The AMP pages appeared along with their HTML counter parts, but the structural data display of the article and webpage type seemed spotty at best. Just one more place to look under the hood and do some further research.

I imagine the next few nights will be spent making additional updates to the content managment system including the ability to edit, upload and browse images.

As always, I will post any thing that crops up in the web world that might be useful. Might even post some Eloqua information from my hours at work.


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