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End Head Domain Registration




After completing a lot of updates to the microdata structure and pondering the importance of structured data object relationships, I decided it was time to register a organization domain. The organization domain will be parked for until I can get this site up and running how I would like, but I will have at least done the hardest part... coming up with a domain name. :D


As one part of my research, I registered endhead.com. This domain will eventually become a separate entity for the supporting publisher (organization) for this website. It is my belief that having a separate organization domain, URL and website will further increase the domain authority of the primary domain. This is similar to the "sister site" or "network linking" of the past. Unlike these other forms, the secondary site in this experiment will have content of its own and only be used as a reference from the primary site. This should naturally increase controllable cross site linking opportunities, separation of core keyword focus and provide domain/content authority.

This may take a while to implement, but I want to make note of it for future reference.


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