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Collection of SEO Thoughts and stuff




The start has been a little slow. Getting back on the saddle of development is still exciting but there is a little catching up to do. This is a collection of my thoughts after looking at where to go next with the websites direction and my experiments.


SEO Bryan Test

I am going to wait and see how the new page turns out. The first thing I want to see is how long it takes for Google to index the page without resubmitting a sitemap through google search console. I will also monitor the search position using incognito mode on desktop and mobile. My gut says there might be some negative effect from such a direct approach to the keyword phrase. There might also be some trouble caused by using some associative words too frequently. The very idea does lead me to looking at adding another metric to my analysis of future pages. Keyword to nonkeyword ratio. This would be similar to code vs content ratio measurements. I did notice a drop on the mobile indexing from a first page result to a third page result. The displayed search engine listing didn't change, mobile amp rich result. Desktop index and mobile index normalization maybe?

Supporting Print

Back in the day, I use to create print media css for any page that might be printed. I think paying at least a little attention to this is important for user experience. I will add it to my to do list.

Cleaning House

Finding bugs is  right of passage that every programmer knows well. I found a few that must be addressed. One, the breadcrumbs are acting weird in that they pull the image title as the link display title. Pretty sure that is not what I intended. Second, something about the skills section on the community pages isn't working right. I believe more skills should be showing up. Will have to take a closer look.

Moving forward

The list of items to complete to make my posting easier and open the site up to others isn't that bad. I need to look into placing images in content and decide how i am going to try to force optimizations on those images. I know there are some APIs out there. Next, i want a way to select and add svg images for the main article graphic. Finally, I good pass at the whole process of registration, posting and editing should be the last touch needed to get a closed alpha out there.


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