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CDN Image Cache Differences




While getting ready for the release of the new version of this site, I was doing some testing on any device I could get my hands on. Didn't matter if it was a PC, tablet, android device or an iDevice. My hopes was that I would see similar updates reaching all devices at the same time. Granted, that wouldn't happen if I didn't make sure to clear local cache on the device I was testing. But... I made sure that was done. Here is what I found that surprised me.


The Cloudflare CDN is really cool, but I have noticed a few issues here and there. The one I found today was that image cache seems to involve more than just the Cloudflare CDN. I would have expected the servers in the CDN to be very localized and not specific to device or mobile carrier. That doesn't appear to be the case. I tested 4 different devices all orginating on the same network. Each device had its cache cleared. I found that, for some reason, the devices that went through the local area network to my internet service provider showed different images that I had updated. The same thing appeared to happen when off network and using a different mobile carrier.

For me, personally, this isn't a major issue. Images tend to update within 24 hours, not like the 6 hours I previously read. For a business, this actually might be really bad news. What would occur if someone where to upload an image with a spelling error or worse. That image could be up there for anywhere from 6-24 hours. Yeah, someone should have proofed it first... sure. But accidents happen, things are missed and shortcuts are taken.

There maybe a way to force out an update more rapidly, but at this point in time I am more concerned with getting this site launched in its current form.


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