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Read about 1and1 Cloudflare non www CDN

1&1 Cloudflare CDN does not support non www URLs




This morning I woke up all excited to find out if my Cloudflare CDN had propagated. After doing some testing through 1&1's own website speed tool and many runs through GTmetrix on a global scale. I wasn't seeing any indication or validation that the CDN was working. So, I called 1&1 support. Here is what I found. delivery


This site uses a non-www address. The redirect happens in the .htaccess file along with redirection to SSL. A trace route showed that the non-www address wasn't hitting the CDN. A post, 1&1 and Cloudflare CDN, on the Cloudflare community boards started me thinking it was time to call 1&1 suport and get to the bottom of this issue.

After talking with the support tech, he put me on hold while he checked on the CDN support of non-www websites. He came back on and said that 1&1 and Cloudflare only support www for CDN. I don't know the exact technical implementation of CDN, just the basic concept and how it works, but it is surprising to me that non-www websites wouldn't be able to use a content delivery network.

It looks like I will be updating my Google Webmaster Tools to point to the www version of the domain and updating the database and .htaccess file to redirect non-www to www.



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