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Google Analytics Annotations API




After finding out last night that the mobile version of Google Analytics doesn't have a readily available way to access annotations, I thought I would look into the possibility of an automated update via an API. Google doesn't seem to support this nor do they appear to want to.


As I mentioned in a recent article, 'Google Analytics Mobile App Missing Annotations', annotations in Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for documenting website updates.  Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available in the mobile app, nor is it available for dynamic updating via an API call. I found that I am not allow in the belief that an API function would provide a great benefit to those trying to analyze the impact of various changes to their website. On Google Issue Tracker, there is an 8-year-old request for this API feature. Even today, I was not alone in adding a ‘+1’ to the developers looking to Google to address this request. Two days, two strikes for annotations in Google Analytics. /sad face


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