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Google Analytics for Power Users on Google Analytics Academy




Google Analytics Academy has released a new course for Google Analytics focusing on power users. I just recently took the course and passed. I thought I would share my thoughts on the experience.


The Google Analytics Power Users course on Google Analytics Academy took 3 hours to complete and covered some great topics.  The curriculum was broken up in to 4 different units.

The first unit, "Understand Users", covered ways to analyze which users are converting and which ones aren't. Examples are given on how to dig into the platform data and user demographic information to identify areas of improvement.

The second unit, "Attract High-Value Traffic", goes a little further in to user analysis and shows ways to identify what traffic is bringing in the highest conversions. It also covered ways to better segment traffic with custom channels specific to individual implementations.

The thrid unit, "Improve Site Engagement", looked at ways to identify key performance indicators that are driving conversions.

The final unit, "Improve Product Performance" addressed ways to analyze ecommerce and shopping cart performance. Hands on examples showed how to analyze product lists, detail pages and product conversion to identify issues and possible routes for improving overall conversion.

The course was interesting and provide a lot of valuable information in a controlled environment. The only drawback that I saw was that the examples where shown in a pefectly setup test website. Unless you have the resources to dedicate to implementing Google Analytics in a surgical way, some of the techniques might be a little difficult to setup and maintain.


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