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Note: Back in Action!




Time to put out some new content updates. I have been working on some other web projects and only recently freed up some time to do some work on this site and research some items on my list. Let's see what new information I can find on progressive websites.


Been a little busy lately with research and plugging in design, database and other site features. Nice to be able to say 'Goodbye!' to the static content and start publishing content updates through a toolset and database, even if they are little more than functional. O.o

Got a little research and experimentation done on PWAs and I am really digging the idea. Really excited to have read a few articles that show Apple is falling in line with the PWA possibilities. While my limited research is pointing to a very 'hacky' approach to implementing the basic PWA requirements, it's a start!

Recently got a few excellent feature requests for the site from a fellow developer. I won't get into what those are right now, but... we will see. Best to get the basic concepts working in a solid fashion before taking on new concepts.


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