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Google Assistant Rollout




Another big move by Google today. The Google Assistant is rolling out to regular users of Android devices.


It wasn't too long ago that Google announced the release of their Google Assistant on their flagship mobile device, The Pixel. This after noon, I got a notification from Google that my Samsung Galaxy device had been "updated with the Google Assistant". I knew that it would be long before this cool new tech was released to everyone else, but I didn't expect it today.

So what is Google Assistant?

Think Siri and Alexa had a big brother. Google Assistant is a digital assistant with a lot more features than other systems. Google Assistant can take a selfie, set reminders, set alarms, give directions, perform searches, show messages and much more. Here is an example i just did.

"Ok, Google send a message to Tessa asking when are you coming over to play wow"

"So that's a message Tessa Myers saying 'when are you coming for to play WoW. Do you want to send it or change it?"

"Send it"

"It's on its way. Message sent"

The Google Assistant goes further than the older "Google Commands" by better understanding current context and allow a developing idea. In general, there can be a lot more "back and forth" to help automate the assistance process. If you're interested in this technology, I highly suggest checking it out and turning on the advanced features. With the additional access and advanced features, Google assistant will draw context from open application windows that it can identify. 


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