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What is JavaScript?




JavaScript is one of the three technologies used to create web pages. Also known as JS, JavaScript is a client side scripting language that allows web designers to modify and manipulate parts of a web page and how it interacts with client and server side technologies.


JavaScript - JS

JavaScript is a scripting language that is either embedded in an HTML document or included as a separate script file. JavaScript provides access to HTML elements, CSS rules and server side scripts. By utilizing JavaScript code, a web designer can provide user and server side interactions. Common JavaScript functions are often collected in libraries to allow for rapid development.

User Interaction

HTML provides a structure. CSS provides design and layout. JavaScript provides interaction. By capturing input from a user, client side javascript can provide dynamic content, form validation and data submission. This process helps to provide a rich user experience and advanced interface design.

JavaScript Libraries and Plugins

Many popular JavaScript functions and frameworks are available for inclusion in web development and web design. Two of the most commonly used libraries include jQuery and jQueryUI. jQuery provides a broad range of common functions and reduces the knowledge required to provide common JavaScript interactions with HTML elements and CSS rules. jQueryUI expands on the jQuery library by adding support for widgets. Examples of jQueryUI widgets include: tabs, dialog windows and accordion menus. Additional JavaScript libraries or plugins can be found to provide a wide range of rich web experiences. This includes plugins for WYSIWYG editors, data access frameworks and more.

Asynchronous Data Access

Asynchronous or async JavaScript allows for the execution of server side scripts or code without refreshing a web page. By utilizing a system like ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) or jQuery's post function, data can be sent from the client to the server. A popular data format for sending these requests is JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). By utilizing these technologies, web designers can provide rich interaction that are dynamic and data driven.

Javascript is...

JavaScript is a client side scripting language that provides an ability to increase user interaction. Libraries can be included or written to access common or repeated functions. Asynchronous function calls add the ability to provide dynamic and data driven user experiences. JavaScript is the client side workhorse of the web.

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