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Mobile-first Indexing Change Notifications




Got a notification in Google Search Console tonight that appeared in the overview section of the coverage graph. The notification marked for Sunday, November 25 states "An event has occurred in Google Search that might affect your site's data." There is also a link provided detailing the update.


The Index Coverage Report / Index Status Report notification reads as follow.

November 26, 2018 onward

Properties that have been migrated to mobile first indexing as part of the mobile-first indexing initiative may see a change in their index coverage status. (Migrated properties have been notified by email.)  In particular, the error counts and new issues will reflect the status of mobile-first indexing. Indexed page counts are not affected by this change. This is a reporting change only; it does not reflect any changes on your site.

It appears as though either https://www.bryan-myers.com has been slated for early inclusion of the this feature and I just missed the email notification or the site will be included shortly. The other possiblity is that this is a general notification to all Google Search Console webmasters that the update is coming. I will have to check some of the other websites that I have configured Google Search Console for.

The following coverage values are included for reference at a later time:

  • 120 Valid Pages
  • 0 Pages with Errors
  • 30 Valid Mobility Usability Pages
  • 0 Mobility Usability Pages with Errors
  • 29 AMP Valid AMP Pages
  • 0 AMP Pages with Errors
  • 336 Excluded Pages (Old indexing issue with automatic drop-off completed)
  • AMP non-rich results 51 Clicks / 979 Impressions
  • AMP Articles 1 Click / 160 Impressions
  • Rich Results 0 Clicks / 33 Impressions
  • Previous 30 Day Performance Numbers

    • Total Clicks 145
    • Total Impression 3.87k
    • Average CTR (Click Through Rate) 3.7%
    • Average Position 36.1
  • Device Data

    • Desktop - 84 Clicks, 3038 Impressions, Average Position 42.1
    • Mobile - 59 Clicks, 818 Impressions, Average Position 14.3
    • Tablet - 2 Clicks, 12 Impressions, Average Position 5.8


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