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Google Search Console - Limited Functionality




Got an email notification from Google Search Console this weekend that one or more of my AMPs had an issue that needed to be addressed. After reviewing the code, I found that my recent inclusion of Google Analytics (GA) for AMPs had multiple Google Tag Manager JavaScript includes.


The issue of multiple Google Tag Manager JavaScript includes was easy to fix. After removing the extra script tag, I jumped over to Google Search Console to submit the site for revalidation. To my surprise I found that I couldn't. It looks like Google is working on the newly released Search Console as the following notification was at the top of the page. "Limited Functionality: We are making some minor updates in the next few days. During this period you will not be able to issue new validation requests." Well, I wonder what new features or fixes they are making to Google Search Console. The last round of updates included displaying the mobile first indexing data. My fingers are crossed for a new set of features. I will post more information when I find it.


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