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Google Ads (Google AdWords) conversion tracking using Google Analytics




One of the websites I administer utilizes Google Analytics using the analytics.js implementation for stats tracking. The website also utilizes a Google Ads account. After reviewing the Google Analytics information, it appears as though some of the Google Ads conversions aren't being tracked correctly. It is my goal to find out why.


After doing some initial research, it was looking as though I would need to update the system from the analytics.js code base to the gtag.js (Google Tag Manager) system. With how integrated the analytics.js system was, this wasn't looking like a task I wanted to undertake without first seeing if analytics.js could trigger the conversion events.

The two accounts are already linked, so that wasn't the problem. I was about ready to give up when I ran across a search that gave the this support article from Google.

It looks like in September of 2017, Google implemented the Google Ad cookie in to the analytics.js code base. I will dig through this article and review the Google documentation on auto-tagging.


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