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Read about This is just a testing posting to make sure photoshop topic is w

Test Posting for Adobe Photoshop




This is a system posting to make sure that adobe photoshop is showing up as a skill and as a visible article topic under the graphic design and adobe creative cloud sub sections.


So... I need some content here so I can post this test. Again, I note that I should probably remove that check until I am ready to actually post better quality content. Oh well.


My history with this program has been long and loving. I first picked up a copy of Adobe Photoshop in late high school. I believe it would have been around version 4. It was the hay day of GEOCities and banner exchanges. I was big in to gaming and creating textures for Quake or making free banners for gaming site was a great past time. Since those days, I spent many years within the tools and menus of Photoshop. Utilizing it to develop websites during part of my career really got me use to keyboard shortcuts. I just wish they wouldn't change them every few years. I also went through a large amount of custom text effect tutorials, as well as, photo editing. For a period of 5 years or so, I was the primary (only) photoshop trainer for an IT consultant company. It was really fun teaching selection methods, image compositing and different masking effects. At one point I even had Adobe Certified Adobe Training. /shrug Now I use it as needed for personal photo editing or at work when the need arises.

Cool. I think I am done contenting. O.o


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