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Adobe Creative Cloud is SLOW




My attempt at getting caught up on web design and development is going much slower than I had hoped. Much of this is due to the need for a .svg editor. The only viable option for me, at the moment, is Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe Illustrator wasn't installed on my laptop so I loaded up Adobe Creative Cloud to install it. Well, since I don't like letting any program run in the background, Adobe Creative Cloud needed an update. After that, I got Adobe Illustrator installing. A shot in my own foot was thinking that I would just let Adobe Creative Cloud update the other Adobe programs I have installed. UGH! My bandwidth is cut to 20% and my computer is slugging along. Creative Cloud is a good idea, don't get me wrong, it's just seems like Adobe is spitting out updates for software so frequently, that opening it leads to a path of endless updates.

Guess I should get in a better habit of opening Creative Cloud on occasion so I don't get nailed with a ton of updates at once.


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