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Rethinking the AMP XML Sitemap




Brought up Google Search Console and started digging through the sitemaps and looking at the sitemap coverage. What I found isn't looking good.


The AMP XML sitemap has only 2 valid pages and 111 exluded for "duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical". That leads me to believe that having a separate sitemap for AMP pages is probably not the way to go. I am guessing that Google is indexing the "regular" sitemap and then the AMP sitemap and finding that they are pointing to the same canonical page. Or that Google treats entries in the xml sitemap as the canonical link. All AMP pages listed in the sitemap have the correct link element with the value set to the "regular" page. The "regular" pages have the correct amphtml link element with the AMP page as the value. It also appears that there isn't an easy way to remove an submitted sitemap. I may just have to remove the dynamic sitemap for the AMPs and resubmit the "regular" page sitemap. I think I will mark this up to the very reason I created this site. It's a place to test things like this out and see what happens in a controlled enviornment without damaging a production sites ranking.

As a side note, I will have to get the page administration tools working soon. The topics I am covering keep getting put at a lower level in the site structure because I don't have that functionality yet. That means I will also have to go back through and structure the old pages to fit the new categories. I am sure Google will love that! O.o


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